You have made the choice for a floating TV unit. A good choice! A floating TV unit gives a lot of space and has a nice appearance. But how can you best hang such a floating TV unit? The beste LG televisie come deliverd with this nice addition, but if you are looking to buy the next beste philips tv then it’s probably a good option to check out some floating furniture for these kind of televisions

It is important that it is placed at the correct height so that you can take a relaxed position while watching TV. In this blog we explain how you can best do this based on a step-by-step plan.

Remove The Suspension System From The Cabinet

You will receive the floating TV furniture in a large, well-packed box. It is important to carefully remove the case from the packaging so that it is not damaged. You can then remove the suspension system from the cabinet. This will be attached to the cabinet with screws. Loosen the screws and grasp the hanging slat at the rear so that it does not fall.

Determine The Height Of The Floating Tv Unit

The correct height of the floating TV furniture is very important. To watch TV in a relaxed way, it is important to be able to adopt a relaxed attitude. When the television is not at the ideal height, you can suffer from tension in your body which can lead to head and / or neck pain.

Drill Holes In The Wall At The Correct Height

Now that you have determined the height of the floating TV furniture, it is time to drill the holes. First drill one hole so that you can level the suspension bar and then determine the other holes. In this way you know for sure that the TV furniture will hang straight.

Drill a hole, insert the plug and fix the suspension rail to the wall with a screw. Then use the bar to level the other holes. Attach the bar and check the firmness. There must be no movement.

Attach The Cabinet To The Suspension Rail

Now that the suspension lath is attached, the cupboard can be slid onto the bar. Make sure you do this with at least two people! If you are alone you can put the cupboard on a pile of books or other attributes, although we always recommend doing this with someone else. Then tighten the screws on the inside of the cabinet.

Note: Also consider the cables, such as power and HDMI cables that run from the television to the devices in the cabinets. Do this in advance. The hole for the cable can be too small for the plug.

Check Whether The Cabinet Hangs Securely

Now that the cabinet is hanging, it is wise to check whether it is securely and securely attached to the wall. Does the TV stand hang straight? Are all screws tightened securely? Is there no movement anymore? Then the cupboard hangs well and you can give yourself a compliment!

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