For most of the kids, teens and adults of today, imagining a world with video games sounds unthinkable.

First, not all of video games are made equal.  Many are educational in character, while some might be violent, and are much less so.  Research indicates that violent video games might raise the probability of aggression and reduce compassion.  Other behaviors might be influenced by video games.  Envision a seesaw using video games on activities such as homework and actions that are societal, physical activity and a single side and studying on the end.  Activities where kids understand the nuances of communication, physical action and time goes when video game goes upward.  This imbalance may cause issues, along with social withdrawal and health issues like an increased risk for obesity as well as academic problems.

In case you do make the decision to allow gaming in the family, ensure to create family guidelines and rules surrounding its usage and constantly consistently follow through with consequences if those rules are broken up. If modern parents have some time to think well how gaming can wisely fit in their family, then gaming may become one of the most desired leisure activity choices that don’t damage your kid.

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