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Posted on: 2014-07-01 17:02:53
Independent artists, rejoice! PROJECT INDEPENDENT and WOODBANGERS ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK announced yesterday (Monday, July 1) that from 2015 on artists who are part of the annual PROJECT INDEPENDENT Living Loud Tour will NOT be required to pre-sell any tickets. Up until next year's tour, artists are required to pre-sale tickets in order for PROJECT INDEPENDENT's revolutionary tour (that includes a state-of-the-art webcast) to be able to cover their massive expenses.

WOODBANGERS ENTERTAINMENT have cut a 5 year $1.2 million deal that with PROJECT INDEPENDENT that will utilize PROJECT INDEPENDENT’s current internet platform as the cornerstone for creating an entire "Industry within the industry" community designed specifically for independent music artists.

This 5 year $1.2 million deal will allow Project Independent to suspend their 11 year practice of requiring participating bands to pre-sale event tickets in association with their annual Living Loud Tour and Live Webcast. In addition to the production of live tour events, Project Independent will now produce an annual year-end awards show which will highlight the best independent artists of the prior year. This is what Project Independent CEO/Founder Jeff Totten had to say about this exciting merger:

“Securing financial assistance has been the objective since the program began. We have been just getting by for a decade, but that struggle is exactly what was necessary to attract the attention of the industry. Woodbangers involvement is well beyond what was expected. Their organization is top notch and committed to creating the positive changes necessary to resurrect our industry.”

Additionally, this deal will allow for ample funding of the Project Independent Artists Alliance (PIAA), a full service ‘label’ type company reserved for the more advanced artists participating in the program.

Project Independent began in 2003 as the first of its kind Battle of the Bands style program specifically designed for metal bands, however it wasn’t until 2011 that Project Independent attracted industry attention through the implementation of live webstreaming in association with their annual tour. In 2013, Project Independent produced 50 events, reaching nearly 2.2 million unique viewers, which equates to huge opportunities for advertisers and sponsors.

Woodbangers Entertainment, known throughout the industry primarily for their involvement in video game programming, have spent the past several years quietly expanding their media services to include movies, books and magazines. With the addition of music and a newly developed user friendly profile network, artists will soon be able to update all of their social media site from one convenient location, while benefiting from a variety of movie and video game music licensing deals.

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