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NO Blizzard Could Stop the Force of Heavy Metal!
Posted on: January 26, 2016 @ 5:35 pm by Jö Schüftan
Even though Mother Nature tried to interfere by making a buck load of snow fall all over the East Coast of the USA and consequently forcing the postponement of one of the best tour packages of 2016, the show thankfully went on a few days later...

Last night I witnessed a phenomenal Heavy Metal concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York Blizzard City as LAMB OF GOD, ANTHRAX, DEAFHEAVEN and POWER TRIP took over one of the most legendary venue's in the world!

From the first note by POWER TRIP to the very last note by LAMB OF GOD (the Kings of New American Metal), every headbanger in the room had a smile on their face, a cold beer or a LEMMY in hand, and sweat dripping uncontrollably from their faces.

In what was a hometown show for ANTHRAX, they - Joey Belladonna, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello and Jonathan Donais - demonstrated why they are still very alive and relevant! While everyone present loved and enjoyed the hell out of their many classic songs like "Caught In A Mosh", "Among the Living" and their awesome cover of TRUST's "Antisocial", to me when they played NEW music from their upcoming album called For All Kings was not only refreshing but also proof that ANTHRAX is sounding bigger and better than ever before!

It's also worth to mention that Donais being allowed to add his SHADOWS FALL flavor to ANTHRAX makes the band even more Metal (I didn't think that was possible)!

As per usual, LAMB OF GOD were welcomed with a huge roar from the crowd and immediately started pummeling the thousands of ear drums present with songs from the BURN THE PRIEST days along with tunes from Ashes of the Wake, Sacrament, Wrath and their NEWEST album VII: Storm und Drang!

What is always exciting about LAMB OF GOD is how effortless they make their Metal craft look like from an audience member standpoint. Yes, they have been doing it for many years but they have always been masters of their instruments!

As always Randy Blythe proved why he is one of the best Heavy Metal frontman during an age in which the art of a frontman is lacking, but we can't forget that masters Mark Morton, Willie Adler, Chris Adler and John Campbell always have his back! As long as band's like LAMB OF GOD and ANTHRAX are around, Heavy Metal will remain STRONGER THAN ALL!

Here is LOG's set list:

1) Desolation
2) 512
3) Walk with Me in Hell
4) Still Echoes
5) Ruin
6) The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion
7) Overlord
8) The Faded Line
9) Now You've Got Something to Die For
10) Set to Fail
11) Blacken the Cursed Sun
12) Erase This
13) Vigil
14) Laid to Rest
15) Redneck

Photo by: Kevin Wilson

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