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Band of the Week for: 8/10/2014
Die A Hero
Genre: Hardcore Metal with | Location: New York, NY
Website: www.dieaheromusic.com
Posted on: August 12, 2014 @ 1:34 pm | By Jö Schüftan
While at present time there are MANY great Heavy Metal bands flourishing in New York City, there is only one band that possesses a punishing yet groovy sound that's mixed to perfection with vocals that kick you in the ass. That band is DIE A HERO!

Formed in the Summer of 2011 after members of the disbanded New York City underground Metal band Silent Screams decided to reunite for the next chapter in their musical saga, DIE A HERO's sound carries influences spanning the world of Metal and beyond. And even though DIE A HERO are as aggressive as they come when it comes to their musical delivery, they are all about respecting each of their songs and not about competing with each other to see who is the most "flashy" player. And then you got their live performances, which have already left hundreds of people absolutely speechless!

A big part of being able to conquer the music world has to do with the amount of work and sacrifice a band is willing to add to the equation. DIE A HERO are ready to leave the "real world" and keep hitting the road to show the world that New York City is still reigning strong when it comes to great Heavy and original Metal!

DIE A HERO is guaranteed to cause a musical riot wherever they perform thanks to their kill or be killed attitude!


- Chris M: Vocals
- Jeremy: Rhythm Guitar
- Ben: Lead Guitar
- Chris G: Drums
- Guillermo: Bass

Catch DIE A HERO this Saturday, August 16th at Tobacco Road in Times Square, New York City. RSVP HERE

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