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Band of the Week for: 7/14/2014
The Last Band
Genre: METAL/ROCK | Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Website: www.thelastband.net
Posted on: July 14, 2014 @ 5:09 pm | By Jö Schüftan
What started in 2011 as a band of Rock brothers that were fueled up and ready to set the world on musical fire, has become a Swedish Rock and Metal powerhouse that is ready to beat all of your senses senseless. Hailed from Gothenburg, Sweden (the capital of melodic Metal), THE LAST BAND carries the quality that is expected from any band that is birthed in Sweden without falling into any musical trend.

If you listen to their EP entitled Mean Machine, which was released in 2012, you will hear an aggressive yet digestible sound that please your ear drums. But is their explosive live show, which is full of blood, sweat, and tears, that makes the band - Chris Blood, Alex Black, Johan "Jack Hammer" and Dennis "Pumping Iron" Andersson - connect with any crowd. And it is their high energy on stage and powerful songs that recently earned them their very first U.S. tour. See the dates below.

The huge opportunities that keep being offered to THE LAST BAND are not taken lightly by the band who understand that they must bring their A game and prove what they are made of. What makes a band successful is when the pieces of their musical puzzle are placed perfectly in order to overcome all obstacles and challenges alike. THE LAST BAND is also a very hands on band who keep proving that DIY can get you very far!

If you have seen THE LAST BAND live, you probably agree that this is band with a brilliant future ahead of them. Not only because they display hard hitting musical vibrations that make ANY room shake, but they absolutely possess the right mind set and attitude to be a force to be reckoned within the Heavy Music planet. The latter quality is essential in such a competitive environment.

THE LAST BAND on tour:

- 19/07/14: Tobacco Road, New York, NY
- 22/07/14: Grand Victory, Brooklyn, NY
- 23/07/14: The Delancey, New York, NY
- 25/07/14: The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY


- Chris Blood: Vocals/Guitar
- Alex Black: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
- Johan "Jack Hammer": Drums
- Dennis "Pumping Iron" Andersson: Bass/Backing Vocals

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