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Band of the Week for: 7/19/2015
Jungle Rot
Genre: Death Metal | Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Website: www.facebook.com/igotjunglerot
Posted on: July 22, 2015 @ 8:06 am | By Jö Schüftan
In the last five years I have been very lucky to come across some crushing bands that have ended up infecting my ear drums for life! A band that definitely delivers plenty of musical disease without mercy, is JUNGLE ROT!

This Kenosha, Wisconsin Death Metal band stands out from the rabid pack full of hungry underground bands because they play a very unique blend of Metal and without even trying, they are reinventing the steel without trying to be "cool". JUNGLE ROT are cool because they play their music as hard as humanly possible without losing sight of the musicality they possess! They are the type of band that only require a few seconds to infect every single member of the audience, and it doesn't hurt that they always bring IT. Having a balance between a great product and an excellent live show is the key to success in today's Heavy Music world, and JUNGLE ROT possesses that balance.

The band - Dave Matrise, James Genenz, Geoff Bub and Joey Muha - was formed in 1994 and ever since then they have been working very hard at breaking musical borders while achieving the loyalty of true Heavy Metal fans that like their music exciting, energetic and extremely powerful. Their influences range from SLAYER to SODOM, ultimately creating music that is built for the stage. Their sound is defined by a huge groove that shakes your soul and drop tuning that penetrates your ears.

Don't believe me? Listen to their NEW album entitled Order Shall Prevail (available now via Victory Records) and you will definitely find music that stimulates all of your Metallic senses!


- Dave Matrise: Vocals/Guitar
- James Genenz: Bass Guitar
- Geoff Bub: Lead Guitar
- Joey Muha: Drums

Photo: Karla Murphy

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