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Band of the Week for: 4/3/2015
Genre: Hardcore Metal | Location: Brooklyn, New York
Website: www.facebook.com/biohazarddfl
Posted on: April 03, 2015 @ 11:48 am | By Jö Schüftan
When New York Hardcore legends BIOHAZARD stepped into the game in 1987, New York City was a completely different place both socially and culturally. CBGB's was the mecca of the Hardcore and Punk Rock scenes, and the bands associated with the scene were in the rise. During the 1990's many bands dissolved, and some fans started to believe that Hardcore and Punk Rock music scene was dead. BIOHAZARD took note of this and decided to take matter into their own hands, and they did this wholeheartedly!

What really has set BIOHAZARD apart from their peers is that they have never limit themselves during the creative process. Back in the day when it was unheard of for a Hardcore band to add Heavy Metal elements such as guitar solos to their sound, BIOHAZARD pioneered the whole Hardcore Metal movement!

After 9 studio albums, thousands of shows, and 25+ years of making sure that Hardcore music is respected worldwide. The dudes with the most dangerous logo in Heavy Music are still going strong and are already preparing their 10th studio album, as well as their 30th anniversary.

What keeps BIOHAZARD going strong even when facing mayor obstacles like having to replace their frontman Evan Seinfeld? Their musical passion, their love for music, and definitely their desire to make sure that Hardcore music keeps crossing borders and breaking barriers. What is the bands recipe for success:

"Making NEW music with BIOHAZARD, it's the kind of machine that we just let run, let it go and let it happen naturally. When it's right, when it's done, it's done."


- Billy Graziadel (vocals and guitars)
- Bobby Hambel (vocals and guitars)
- Danny Schuler (drums)
- Scott Robers (vocals and bass)

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