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'Pocho Aztlan'


Released on: September 16, 2016


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By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: August 30, 2016
The NEW BRUJERIA album, which is titled Pocho Aztlan and will be out on September 16th via Nuclear Blast, is exactly what you would expect from Juan Brujo and his compadres: fast, down-tuned and politically controversial songs that are made for those who are not afraid to be caught by their mommy while listening to disgusting Metal or that are willing to risk their heads being exploded from so much headbanging!

Even though this is obviously not a carbon copy of Matando Güeros or even Brujerizmo, this album contains all the elements that turned BRUJERIA into one of the most prolific side project’s in Heavy Music History: lyrics in Spanish that always possess a strong message but will make you laugh even if you’re on of those morons that thinks that “mucho bueno” is actually part of the Spanish vocabulary.

This time around Juan Brujo, Pinche Peach and Shane Embury of NAPALM DEATH (the core members of the band) recruited Jeff Walker from CARCASS to play bass and Nick Barker (LOCK UP, ex-CRADLE OF FILTH and ex-DIMMU BORGIR) to play drums. So the results are a badass Heavy Metal album that is meant to be played loud and proud!

BRUJERIA’s Pocho Aztlan is here to take a machete right into Donald Trump and his supporters, and to make sure that people remember that la migra’s favorite clowns are here to continue to destroy ear drums via their unique mix of Mexican folk music and Extreme Death Metal! Remember: no se aceptan imitaciones (no imitations will be accepted).

Purchase BRUJERIA's Pocho Aztlan HERE

Track listing for ANTHRAX's For All Kings:

1) «Pocho Aztlan»
2) «No Aceptan Imitaciones»
3) «Profecía del Anticristo»
4) «Ángel de la Frontera»
5) «Plata o Plomo»
6) «Satongo»
7) «Isla de la Fantasía»
8) «Bruja»
9) «México Campeón»
10) «Culpan la Mujer»
11) «Códigos»
12) «Debilador»
13) «California Über Aztlan»

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