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'Dormant Heart'


Released on: January 12, 2015


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By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: January 21, 2015
From the moment I fired up my stereo to listen to SYLOSIS' NEW album Dormant Heart (available now via Nuclear Blast Records), the band's fourth studio album violently woke all of my senses up. After shutting the world out so that I could listen attentively to yet another crushing batch of songs created by this amazing Reading, England-based band, my emotions felt extremely compelled to every single sound I heard. To say that my Metal heart wanted more is an absolute understatement!

When it comes to modern day shredders, Josh Middleton is up there with the likes of Tosin Abasi (ANIMALS AS LEADERS), David Davidson (REVOCATION), Misha Mansoor (PERIPHERY), and David Sanchez (HAVOK). But while his guitar playing on Dormant Heart proves his maturity as a guitar player, it is his ear piercing vocals and his thought provoking lyrics that make this album: the album for all bands to top in 2015.

But the SYLOSIS sound goes way beyond what Middleton brings into every song. Their rhythm section serves as the perfect bed of aggression so that every part of every song (specially on Dormant Heart) fits like a glove.

From the first note of the opening track "Where the Wolves Come to Die" you know it is a SYLOSIS record, but the band definitely manages to not sound outdated. You know how many bands have a signature sound and when you hear NEW material it sounds expired? Well, SYLOSIS managed to keep their signature sound intact and fresh. This ladies and gentleman, is really hard to do and this is why the NEW SYLOSIS album is a masterpiece.

While I could give you a track-by-track summary and tell you which tracks stand out, I rather you listen to the entire record with your own ears so you can make your own judgement. But trust me, this is the type of album that any headbanger who might be losing faith in Heavy Music should buy (not steal) and play it loud and proud!

Order the NEW SYLOSIS album Dormant Heart HERE

Here is the track listing for SYLOSIS' Dormant Heart:

1. "Where the Wolves Come to Die"
2. "Victims and Pawns"
3. "Dormant Heart"
4. "To Build a Tomb"
5. "Overthrown"
6. "Leech"
7. "Servitude"
8. "Indoctrinated"
9. "Harm"
10. "Mercy"
11. "Callous Souls"
12. "Quiescent"


- Josh Middleton: lead vocals, lead guitar
- Alex Bailey: rhythm guitar
- Carl Parnell: bass
- Rob Callard: drums

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