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'Rock or Bust'


Released on: December 2, 2014


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By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: December 02, 2014
This week marks the release of AC/DC's NEW album entitled Rock or Bust (available now via Columbia Records). While for their fifteenth studio album the band had to face extreme challenges in order to make this record a reality (namely the departure of co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young due to health issues), the results are outstanding!

Rock or Bust was produced by legendary producer Brendan O'Brien, who also produced 2009's Black Ice and who is widely known for being a very hands on producer. While the NEW AC/DC album is the shortest studio album ever released by the band; at under 35 minutes, it is by far the band's best album since 1995's Ballbreaker. As a matter of fact, the title track for Rock or Bust might be the best Rock N' Roll song in the first 14 years of the 2000's!

If you are a fan of Brian Johnson's vocal style, you will love Rock or Bust. Once again, Johnson delivered vocals full of power and with plenty of soul. While the lyrics are somewhat predictable, this works for a band like AC/DC since their fans expect them to sound a certain way. By now we should all know that AC/DC are all about respecting their world famous signature sound.

Once again, Angus Young's riffs are flawless from beginning to end, and they all fit the songs perfectly. Angus might not have had his brother Malcolm by his side while recording the album, but he definitely didn't let this get on his way. This is why he is a legend!

If Angus' riffs were flawless, Cliff Williams' bass parts are some of his best ever. If you are a bass player, pay careful attention to Cliff's parts on Rock or Bust. Just like fine wine, Cliff's bass playing gets better as he ages.

Another huge challenge that the band is currently facing is the fact their drummer Phil Rudd, who recorded drums on Rock or Bust, is out of the band while facing major legal troubles. Click HERE for the latest update on this matter

Saving the day and keeping AC/DC's family legacy, was Stevie Young (nephew of both Angus and Malcolm) who recorded rhythm guitars on Rock or Bust.

Will Rock or Bust become a classic AC/DC record? Absolutely! Will some songs become instant anthems? Many already consider "Rock or Bust" an AC/DC anthem!

Purchase AC/DC's Rock or Bust HERE

Track listing for AC/DC's Rock or Bust:

1. "Rock or Bust"
2. "Play Ball"
3. "Rock the Blues Away"
4. "Miss Adventure"
5. "Dogs of War"
6. "Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder"
7. "Hard Times"
8. "Baptism by Fire"
9. "Rock the House"
10. "Sweet Candy"
11. "Emission Control"

Listen to AC/DC's Rock or Bust HERE

What do you think about the NEW AC/DC record? Leave your comments below.

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