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'At War With Reality'

At The Gates

Released on: October 28 2014


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By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: October 29, 2014
At The Gates are back with nothing to prove and ready to re-revolutionize Heavy Music! Before you dig deep into this review, let me give you a quick history lesson about the band.

The band was formed in 1990 in Gothenburg, Sweden but didn't catch their "break" until 1994 when they released Terminal Spirit Disease via Peaceville Records. Ever since then, the band's career has been one hell of roller coaster and consequently has seen the band active only from 1990 to 1996, from 2007 to 2008, and from 2010 until present time. This is why it took AT THE GATES nearly 20 years to release At War With Reality (available now via Century Media Records). But you know what, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that the follow up to 1995's Slaughter of the Soul came out now!

On their NEW sonic assault, the Swedish Melodic Metal pioneers delivered their trademark punishing full of adrenaline sounds that make your soul move uncontrollably. But make no mistake, this album is NOT a replica of their world famous classic albums. This album is a reflection of the band's current vision, which happens to be a very focused vision full of power and might.

From the moment the opening track is ignited, which happens to be an instrumental track, there is no doubt that AT THE GATES put tons of thought into their comeback album. From there on, you get an album that has no fillers... just one punishing song after the other. And while the band (along with producer Fredrik Nordström) managed to capture the essence of their sound via excellent crisp recorded sounds, it was vocalist Tomas Lindberg who showed that their MANY years of recorded silence didn't let the band forget their roots on how to write songs that grab you by the throat without mercy. This is when I need to warn you that this record is NOT for the weak hearted.

During a recent interview we conducted with Tomas (watch it below), he told us that the band's chemistry nowadays is a lot better since they are all grown man that know when to compromise. Think about it, when the band recorded Slaughter of the Soul they were all in their early 20's. Tomas also hinted to us that it was their lack of compromise when making creative decisions that eventually broke the band up.

In music I believe that less is more. While AT THE GATES could easily be on their tenth studio album, I respect them so much more because they have never let any "suit" decide when and how they should create THEIR music! While trends come and go, AT THE GATES have once again given their collective middle fingers to musical acts that create mediocre music that eventually fades away. The Swedes on the other hand, with At War With Reality have plenty of musical fuel to burn for years to come and a record that will always be relevant.

What I've always liked about AT THE GATES is their ability to expand their musical style, without losing sight of their ultimate goal. They also possess a "signature sound", which is harder and harder to find these days. Get At War With Reality HERE!

Track listing for At War With Reality:

1. "El Altar del Dios Desconocido" (Instrumental)
2. "Death and the Labyrinth"
3. "At War with Reality"
4. "The Circular Ruins"
5. "Heroes and Tombs"
6. "The Conspiracy of the Blind"
7. "Order from Chaos"
8. "The Book of Sand (The Abomination)"
9. "The Head of the Hydra"
10. "City of Mirrors"
11. "Eater of Gods"
12. "Upon Pillars of Dust"
13. "The Night Eternal"


- Tomas Lindberg
- Anders Björler
- Adrian Erlandsson
- Jonas Björler
- Martin Larsson

Here is a recent interview we conducted with Tomas about the NEW AT THE GATES album:

CLICK HERE to see all of the band's upcoming tour dates!

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