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'Hardcore Lives'


Released on: July 8, 2014


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By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: July 08, 2014
They say that "the more things change, the more they stay the same". When it comes to MADBALL's NEW studio album entitled Hardcore Lives (available now via The BNB Label in the U.S. and Nuclear Blast Records in Europe), this famous quote can be applied both positively and negatively to what the band's mission in 2014 is. Let me explain…

While on their eighth studio album MADBALL did introduce some NEW musical elements to their super established brand of real American Hardcore, there is no question that they never forget their musical roots and that they are proud to always carry the flag of a Heavy Music genre that is often misunderstood and disrespected by way too MANY music "experts". But make no mistake, MADBALL don't need to impress anybody but their loyal fanatics, which is ultimately why Hardcore Lives is a Hardcore record that includes smart angrily delivered lyrics, plenty of crunchy guitar riffs, and loads of groove ala BLACK SABBATH.

Since MADBALL knows what's at stake every time they release a NEW batch of music, this time around they recruited UNEARTH's Ken Susi to produce the album while the amazing ZEUZZ handled the mixing and mastering process. This "dream team" ultimately delivered the masses a Hardcore record that ANY Heavy Music fan can lose their mind to.

It is because of a band like MADBALL that Hardcore is now a worldwide movement, which has definitely been benefited by the globalization of underground music. While the band has been affected by low record sales due to music piracy (just like every band out there), the Internet has helped their music reach every single inch of planet Earth. Wherever there is pain and suffering, there is a kid that gets turned on by Heavy Music as an escape from reality. Chances are that when MADBALL comes to their hometown they will become diehard fans.

And get this, MADBALL are one of the only bands in the world that are able to use their cultural and linguistic roots (America/English and Latin America/Spanish) to connect with fans from the very tip of North America, throughout all of Latin America, and all the way down to South America without excluding the UK, Spain, and other English and Spanish speaking territories.

If you like Heavy to the bone Music, pick up Hardcore Lives and go see the band live! In 2014, it's refreshing that MADBALL are still going strong and creating music that is exciting and very punishing! Get Hardcore Lives here

Below are some words of wisdom from LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe (who was the official photographer of the band on Hardcore lives) in regards to the NEW MADBALL record:

Aug 4, 1988- I was a 17 year old punk rocker on the strip in VA Beach, going to the Atlantic Beach Theatre to see one of my favorite bands, the Vandals, open up for Agnostic Front. The show was cram-packed with punks & skin heads from all over the Southeast, & I knew right from the start there would be trouble that night, either from the rednecks & jocks on the strip, or beef with the white power skins who plagued the area at the time. Surprisingly, the white power boneheads didn't show that night (to my recollection), but an over-zealous bouncer got stabbed up, & there were multiple fights- at one point I was getting beaten pretty badly by a few bald guys who had mistaken me for someone else until a Marine I knew stepped in and flattened their faces. This was how shows were back in the day, when underground music was still truly underground, when we policed ourselves . Leaving the house looking "different" was like rolling the dice in a daily game of "Will I get my ass kicked by a bunch of knuckleheads today?" This is not an exaggeration, as anyone who lived through the 80's in a smaller town as a punk rock kid will tell you- weird hair, long hair, no hair- if you looked weird, you were a target. If you got jumped, it wouldn't do you any good to call the cops, in fact they might arrest YOU for assault, just because you looked different. All of this changed with Nirvana & Green Day & Lollapalooza & all that alternative horse shit. Suddenly the dudes who were kicking your ass a few years before had Manic Panic hair & a sweet tribal tattoo. What a fucking joke. But in 88, it was still real & raw & really dangerous. Before the show that night, I saw a tiny little kid with a shaved head, docs, & braces. I walked up to him & asked him "Hey kid- how old are you?" "Eleven. What fucking difference does it make?" he said, & stomped away. I didn't know it, but that was Freddy Madball.

Freddy Madball is the younger brother of Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret, & that night he sang a song on stage with Ag Front. Later, some sort of beef broke out, & Roger jumped into the audience. I saw the same little bald kid who had told me off earlier jump in with him & start swinging, trying to protect his brother- Freddy probably weighed about 70lbs soaking wet then, & I remember thinking "Holy FUCK- that little kid is wild as hell! He needs his own band." 26 years later, Madball is about to release their 8th album, Hardcore Lives, & it is a BANGER. It's Madball- in other words, it makes me want to kick through a brick wall. From almost any other band, I would look at an album entitled "Hardcore Lives" & laugh it off as an arrogant joke, but coming from Madball it is a statement of absolute truth. I've played bunches of shows with these guys, & they ALWAYS bring it live- it's not an act. The aggression is undeniable, the intensity is unbreakable, and the pedigree is fucking impeccable- these aren't suburban kids playing tough guy, this is the real, uncut shit from a ripping band fronted by a dude who was literally raised by the hardcore scene. If you like hardcore, this is NYC's finest, so check out "Hardcore Lives"- digital release July 4, physical July 8. #cantstopwontstop

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