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'Once More 'Round The Sun'


Released on: June 24, 2014


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By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: June 24, 2014
When Mastodon arrived to the Heavy Music spectrum, they immediately stomped the ground with lots of might and in a thick southern accent said: "we are here to make exciting music that pleases our ears"! The band was formed in early 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, and in just one year landed a record deal with Relapse Records, with whom they released their debut EP Lifesblood as well as their debut full length album Remission (an album that revolutionized Heavy Music). Ever since then, the band has been one of the most hard working bands in the world and without having a "commercial" sound, they have managed to gather a significant worldwide audience.

Once again, the band - Troy Sanders, Brent Hinds, Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor - delivered their trademark sound on their sixth studio album Once More 'Round The Sun (available on now via Reprise Records). From the moment the title track is ignited, there is no doubt that the band wanted to produce the biggest sounding record of their careers (talk about room tone). While trends come and go, Mastodon keep giving their collective middle fingers to musical acts that keep following the leader. While some of those bands will very likely fall out of the trend wagon eventually, Mastodon have plenty of musical fuel to burn for years to come.

On Once More 'Round The Sun, Mastodon recruited Nick Raskulinecz to sit behind the board and help the band produce their best album yet. Our only beef with the bands follow up to 2011's The Hunter, is the order that the songs are in within the record. Yes, the record flows very smoothly and pleases ones ear drums with ease, but some of the songs from Once More 'Round The Sun don't flow together smoothly when the record is listened from front to back. But then again, most people don't listen to an entire record anymore.

What I've always liked about Mastodon is their ability to expand their musical style, without losing sight of their ultimate goal. They also possess a "signature sound", which is harder and harder to find these days. Get Once More 'Round The Sun here!

Track listing for Once More 'Round The Sun:

01. Tread Lightly
02. The Motherload
03. High Road
04. Once More ‘Round the Sun
05. Chimes at Midnight
06. Asleep in the Deep
07. Feast Your Eyes
08. Aunt Lisa
09. Ember City
10. Halloween
11. Diamond in the Witch House

Mastodon is:

- Troy Sanders
- Brent Hinds
- Bill Kelliher
- Brann Dailor

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